Product Review Guidelines

At, our goal is to provide pet owners with the most reliable, comprehensive, and unbiased dog food reviews. We’re committed to transparency and thoroughness in our review process, ensuring that every review we publish meets the highest standards of accuracy and helpfulness.

What We Do

  • Review Team Credentials:
    • Our reviews are written by a team of pet nutritionists, veterinarians, and experienced dog owners, ensuring a blend of scientific accuracy and practical insight. Read more about our team on our About Us page here.
  • Review Sample Acquisition:
    • Selective Sampling: We carefully select which products to review based on market trends, consumer interest, and nutritional relevance rather than just accepting free samples from any brand.
    • Purchased Anonymously: Most samples are purchased anonymously to ensure unbiased testing, mirroring a typical consumer experience.
    • Provided by Brands: Occasionally, we accept samples from brands, but this does not influence our review process. These instances are clearly disclosed.
  • Review Update Frequency:
    • We re-evaluate and update our reviews every six months or sooner if significant changes occur in the product or market.
  • Criteria Weighting:
    • Nutritional value and ingredient quality are given the most weight in our rating system, reflecting their importance in a dog’s diet.
  • Review Limitations:
    • Our reviews may not cover every individual dog’s unique needs, such as specific health conditions or dietary requirements.
  • Review Sample Size:
    • We test 3-5 samples of each product to account for potential variation between batches.

What We Don’t Do

  • Accept Sponsorship Fees: We do not accept payments from brands to influence our reviews. Our commitment is to honest and reliable advice.
  • Post Reviews Without Thorough Research: Every review is based on extensive research and analysis.
  • Contradict Veterinary Advice: We strictly adhere to the advice of veterinary professionals.

Additional Policies

  • Affiliate Links Disclosure:
    • We may include affiliate links in our reviews. As an affiliate, we earn a commission if readers purchase through these links, without affecting the price you pay or our review process.
  • Advertising Standards:
    • Ads are visually separated from editorial content to avoid confusion. We maintain strict standards for advertisements and do not guarantee positive reviews in exchange for advertising.
  • Encouraging Reader Feedback:
    • We highly value input from our readers and may publish (anonymous) feedback to improve transparency and the quality of our reviews.

How Products Become Dogfoodo’s Choice

To earn the Dogfoodo’s Choice badge, a product must excel in our standardized testing process, from ordering and testing to evaluating its overall quality and effectiveness. Only products that meet our high standards in every aspect receive this recognition.

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