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Welcome to Dogfoodo.com: Where Every Dog’s Health Matters 

Your Trusted Guide in the World of Dog Nutrition and Care

“Helping your furry friends thrive is not just our job; it’s our passion.” That’s the heart of our mission here at Dogfoodo.com. We’re all about empowering you – the dog lovers and professionals – with the most accurate and practical information on dog nutrition, health, and training. Our goal? To make the world a better place, one happy, healthy dog at a time.

Our Story: A Journey of Passion 

It all started with a dream and a love for dogs. Dr. Emily Harris, our founder, envisioned a place where dog owners could find not just information but also support and community. From the cozy corners of Boulder, Colorado, Dogfoodo.com has grown into a global family, united by our love for dogs.

Meet the Dogfoodo Family: Who We Are

Dr. Emily Harris, DVM, MBA, DACVPM
Dr. Emily Harris, DVM, MBA, DACVPM
  • Dr. Emily Harris, DVM, MBA, DACVPM: Not only a top-notch vet but also a salsa dancing enthusiast.
  • Nutrition Experts: They can whip up a healthy dog meal as skillfully as they analyze dog food ingredients.
  • Dog Training Specialists: Our trainers can teach an old dog new tricks and probably could teach you a few too!

Our Expertise: Real Experience, Real Advice 

“We don’t just read about dogs; we live with them, learn from them, and love them.” Our team’s real-life experiences with dogs enrich the advice we share, ensuring it’s not only scientifically sound but also practically proven.

Achievements: Our Pride and Joy

  • Over 10,000 dogs and their owners have found happier, healthier lives through our advice.
  • Awarded by the National Dog Food Association.
  • Featured in ‘Modern Dog’ and ‘The Bark’.

Hear It from Our Happy Customers:

“Thanks to Dogfoodo.com, my Beagle, Max, is not just healthier but also much happier!” – Emma G.

“Their training tips are a game-changer. Fido has never been better behaved!” – Alex P.

Visuals and Infographics 

Here, we’ll sprinkle in heartwarming photos of our team, our office dogs, and the many furry friends we’ve helped.

Connect with Us 

Got a question or need a paw to hold? Reach out at info@dogfoodo.com

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Our Vision and Values: More Than Words 

We dream of a world where every dog gets the best care. Our values? Integrity, compassion, and a sprinkle of fun – because happy dogs make a happy world.

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