Modern Slavery Statement for

Introduction, a leader in online dog food reviews, is committed to combating modern slavery and human trafficking. This statement reflects our dedication to maintaining ethical practices in all areas of our business.

Organizational Structure and Supply Chains

As a digital platform, collaborates with various dog food brands and distributors. Our remote team is dedicated to ensuring ethical standards in content and partnerships.

Policies on Slavery and Human Trafficking

We uphold a strict zero-tolerance policy towards slavery and human trafficking, extending this stance to our partners and suppliers.

Due Diligence Processes

Our due diligence encompasses extensive partner screening, ongoing risk assessments, and implementing corrective actions for non-compliance, with contractual integration of modern slavery clauses.

Risk Assessment and Management

We prioritize managing potential risks in our partner engagements, conducting regular audits to address and mitigate any concerns.


Annual mandatory training for all staff includes:

  • Recognizing signs of modern slavery and human trafficking.
  • Reporting procedures, both internally and through external channels.
  • Adherence to legal standards and ethical practices.

Whistleblowing Process

Confidential reporting is facilitated via a dedicated hotline and an online form, ensuring complete protection for whistleblowers against any form of retaliation.

Partner Engagement

We actively engage with our partners to reinforce our anti-slavery commitment, helping them develop and strengthen their own ethical practices.

Awareness Initiatives

Participation in initiatives such as ‘Anti-Slavery Day’ and educational webinars highlights our commitment to raising awareness about ethical sourcing and the fight against modern slavery.

KPIs and Monitoring Mechanisms

Our KPIs include:

  • Target of 95% compliance in partner audits.
  • 100% staff training completion.
  • Timely resolution of all whistleblowing cases.
  • Leading indicators: Number of staff trained annually and completion rate of risk assessments.

Remediation Processes

In cases of non-compliance, our actions include:

  • Immediate re-audits and corrective action plans.
  • Termination of partnerships if necessary.
  • Support for Victims: Providing assistance and rehabilitation to any identified victims of modern slavery.

Commitment to Annual Review

This statement is reviewed and updated annually to reflect our ongoing improvements.

Board Approval

Annually reviewed and approved by the board/directors, this statement covers the previous financial year 2022-2023.

Public Availability

This statement is available publicly on our website, ensuring transparency and accessibility.

Approved on: 01.11.2022

Signed by: Dr. Emily Harris, CEO,

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